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Our next steps might be to print one or more of these forms with cells. We are interested in finding out: what it looks like with cells how it changes over time in the incubator what it looks like as cells grow how we might monitor what is going on how much light a bioprinted […]

looking around – paper folding

Artist Horst Kiechle works with intricate accurate folded paper forms Horst Kiechle ✿ Digital weaving inspired by a Thai basket He has also made a full paper folded torso with all organs, including the heart. Patterns are available online and have been downloaded and built by many. Paper hearts by Horst Kiechle

audio to 3D form

We are still trying out ways of translating audio into sequences of frames of greyscale information, which can then be interpreted (like slices of MRI & CT scans are in 3D Slicer) into 3D form that could be bioprinted. For the audio, we are staying close to the human experience of heart troubles – the […]

lockdown – slicer

Trying out the open source 3D Slicer software that Niina showed us. It’s for generating 3D models from MRI or CT scans. The software allows us to define areas from greyscale imagery to be turned into 3D forms. Today we’ve tried it out on non-medical images, experimenting with giving 3D form to other kinds of […]

looking around – piles of sticks

This week, we’ve been focused on research, and gathering ideas – our own and inspiration from others. For example…. Jorg Glaescher, photographer, has been piling up sticks in the forest to produce forms. — One of the aspects of our heart project is also the re assembly and creation of new form, from biological single […]