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Our next steps might be to print one or more of these forms with cells. We are interested in finding out: what it looks like with cells how it changes over time in the incubator what it looks like as cells grow how we might monitor what is going on how much light a bioprinted […]

George Schwarz 1935–2021

Linda’s friend and mentor, the artist George Schwarz, departed this life 28/5/2021. He had heart failure. Linda recorded some of his last breaths. We are working with this recording to produce 3D form to be bio-printed with live, beating, cardiac spheroids – cardiac growth on the shape and structure of cardiac failure – new life […]

Great audience for our Science Week webinar!

Carmine Gentile, our collaborator and project host, made a fantastic webinar presentation for Science Week on Monday, and Linda and I added a short presentation about our arts-science collaboration. Many thanks to Lynn Hutchinson and the crew at UTS Faculty of Science. We had a great audience of around 350 attendees, and about 50 people […]

a methodology?

Don’t hold us to this, but…. In cultivation of heart tissue three types of cells are needed : Muscle cells Blood vessel cells Extracellular matrix – macromolecules that provide support to the cells including communication and adhesion  (collagen, enzymes, other things in a 3d network) These need to be in a certain ratio in […]