a methodology?

Don’t hold us to this, but….

In cultivation of heart tissue three types of cells are needed :

  • Muscle cells
  • Blood vessel cells
  • Extracellular matrix – macromolecules that provide support to the cells including communication and adhesion¬† (collagen, enzymes, other things in a 3d network)¬† https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extracellular_matrix

These need to be in a certain ratio in the mix.

The cells communicate with each other, find each other, organise and join up and grow to make a spheroid.

We might be able to use this to inspire our creative methodology.

  1. Find the three (?) types of creative elements and skillsets that represent the muscle, blood and macromolecular support matrix
  2. Find the ratio of each that works
  3. It will then self-organise and divide & grow its form

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