3rd Australian Bioprinting Workshop

We are contributing to an amazing two-day conference/workshop coming up on 4-5 October. The 3rd Australian Bioprinting Workshop for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine is a FREE on-line webinar hosted by Carmine Gentile from the UTS Cardiovascular Regeneration laboratory, and will include a session on the role of the arts.

With us will be Svenja Kratz, also a Synapse Resident this year, and Erica Seccombe from ANAT’s board, plus commentary from scientists Carmine Gentile and Dietmar Hutmacher.

Why not join us! On-line access for the 3RD Australian Bioprinting Workshop

Here’s a glimpse at the Art-Science workshop session, which is on Tuesday 5 October starting at 1.40pm.

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