getting up to speed

We’re meeting at UTS – a week for setting things up, ironing out admin and devising a schedule for the next 4 months

We’ve begun consultation with a couple of the researchers in the Cardiovascular Regeneration lab, tuning into the activities of the team. Their research for a paper is underway looking at the challenges of delivering 3D printed cardiac tissue. We have a flow chart to consider… the lab’s experiments in producing heart patches that will be viable during surgery.

We’ve commenced our related research. We need to get up to speed with the work of the lab… maybe we should frame this as an exploration of ‘Life amongst the Scientists’ (title of a well known book about laboratory life).

— How will our hybrid language of art & science form in this context of heart research?

— What does it look like as stem cells differentiate (transubstantiate) into¬† heart cells?

— What happens throughout a heart attack in a petrie dish?

— When will our swipe cards arrive?

cardiac muscle cells

OpenStax College, CC BY 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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