looking around – biological forms

Our research has also led us to…

MIT Mediated Matter

Finding inspiration in the work of Neri Oxman of the Mediated Matter group at MIT who invent and fabricate material structures using biological processes – a silk pavillion spun by over 17,000 silk worms; an architectural surface with melanin that darkens in sunlight and clears in shade; programmable water based bio-composites; 3D printed glass; swarms of small 3D printing robots…. They also 3D print various materials in forms grown computationally from data.

— What forms might we grow¬† for our heart project, and from what data?

TOTEMS – “3D printed to include six distinct liquid channels and pockets. Each pocket contains melanin from a different species, from bird to cuttlefish.”

Totem by MIT Mediated Matter, Neri Oxman

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